Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guide to Understanding Our Biobanking Services

Nexgen Biobanking allocates budgetary resources annually to ensure adequate funding for the procurement and maintenance of state-of-the-art specimen storage units. We prioritize investments that uphold the integrity and security of stored specimens.

Nexgen Biobanking conducts regular assessments of our facility’s floor space to accommodate potential expansions in specimen storage capacity. Our strategic planning ensures readiness for future growth in research initiatives.

The maintenance and oversight of specimen storage units at Nexgen Biobanking are entrusted to our dedicated facilities management team. They are trained to uphold strict protocols to ensure optimal storage conditions and specimen integrity.

Nexgen Biobanking employs a comprehensive inventory management system that includes barcoding and digital tracking to monitor specimen locations and quantities accurately. This ensures efficient retrieval and minimizes errors.

Access to specimen storage units is restricted to authorized personnel only at Nexgen Biobanking. Specimens are stored in secure, access controlled areas to prevent unauthorized handling or tampering, ensuring their integrity. The entire facillity is closely monitored 24 hours a day.

Nexgen Biobanking has established contingency plans for immediate response to any malfunction or temperature deviation in storage units. These include backup power systems, on-call technical support, and emergency relocation protocols for specimens if necessary.

Yes, Nexgen Biobanking employs advanced remote monitoring systems and data loggers equipped with NIST-certified calibrated sensors. This technology enables real-time temperature monitoring and alerts, ensuring stringent compliance with storage standards.

Yes, Nexgen Biobanking adheres to the strict requirements outlined in research grants, including detailed temperature logs for all stored specimens. These logs serve as critical documentation to validate specimen integrity throughout the research process.

Nexgen Biobanking adopts a distributed storage approach where specimens from a single collection are distributed across multiple storage units. This mitigates risks associated with potential storage unit failures, ensuring redundancy and preservation of specimen collections.

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