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    Tissue preparation and pathology, cell culture, genetic analysis, bioinformatics.

Lab Services

NexGen works with regional partners to provide additional sample preparation and analytical services in CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratories.

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    Complete life-cycle management of biological materials.


We work with commercial carriers and biological material transport specialists to provide relocation solutions for a wide range of temperature-controlled environments and provide industry-best strategies and cold chain logistics to ensure quality and integrity of biological materials.

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    Solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Process Improvement

We offer consultation services to improve quality, develop industry standard documentation, and ensure regulatory compliance. Globally recognized industry experts perform risk assessment and methods analysis to aid clients’ decision-making processes.

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    Data management and industry-leading informatics solutions.


NexGen provides guidance on the selection of sample management, electronic quality management, and sample inventory systems as well as storage unit monitoring solutions.

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    Ensure quality services and enhance sample access.

Facility Management

Solutions include providing management and technical staff at client locations with knowledge and experience in all aspects of biorepository operations. Our off-site services support clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as academic and healthcare institutions.